Strategic mentoring involves a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. In order to deepen the integrity and impact of the process, the following ethical boundaries must be accepted by all users who desire access to this site.

Strategic Mentors

  1. Will give honest and complete information about their experience without exaggeration or relevant omission. (Sensitive personal information should not be included on the site).
  2. Will submit information concerning their experience with a heart to help others willingly and not a heart of pride.
  3. Will not include names of others connected to their experience without expressed permission.
  4. Understand that they are volunteering to share that experience with others who contact them as a result of finding that information on this site.
  5. Will respond in a timely and helpful manner to those who reach out as a result of this site.

Those Seeking a Strategic Mentor

  1. Will not use the information they find- Contact or otherwise- for any other purpose other than seeking a mentor for their personal ministry challenge.
  2. Will not contact those they find there for any other purpose other than seeking counsel in the areas mentors have agreed to share unless otherwise invited by the strategic mentor.
  3. Agree to respect the time and personal boundaries of those they contact in the pursuit of such mentoring.
  4. Will do their own work in preparation for the connection AND will take responsibility for their ultimate decisions and actions in their ministry situation.