Our Purpose

To help pastors lead wisely in their specific challenges through gaining insight from other’s evaluated experiences.

Our Hope

        …to unleash the Kingdom impact of pastors & churches through the right connection at the right time.

  • Each year in ministry brings new challenges. No pastor should face them alone! The churches we serve deserve to be led by humble, called pastors who are continually learning for the sake of Jesus’ mission.
  • The heart behind this is to see more pastors and churches experience healthy kingdom growth because this seems to be rarer than it should be.
  • Pastors need each other but are too often disconnected relationally, geographically & due to busyness.
  • Our desire is to give every pastor in our network access to the specific wisdom & experience they need for the first-time challenges
  • Our dream is to see every pastor & church experience their kingdom potential where God has called them through connection to strategic mentoring for the moments where they will either propel forward or stumble.

What is strategic mentoring:

  • Strategic mentoring is short-term peer mentoring on a specific ministry-related issue or challenge with those who have been there and done that effectively.
  • It involves specific input from an effective experienced peer for your specific situation or challenge.
  • Access to timely experienced wisdom for your current challenge.
  • Learning from someone who has already traveled your road or one very similar to yours.

Who we are:

  • Pastors and planters with a positive track record of over a decade or more of ministry.
  • Strategic mentors are pastors from our network with proven experience leading churches and plants to greater health & impact.
  • Pastors & planters who are willing to listen & answer your questions in specific challenges out of their evaluated experience and relationship with Jesus.
  • Pastors & planters who want to see every Jesus called pastor lead their ministries in effective Kingdom impact.
  • Pastors & planters who are glad to take your call and share what they have learned so you can learn and lead well where God has called you.
  • Pastors & planters with proven effective experience that are ready & willing to share.

We are NOT:

  • perfect, superstar pastors. We will share our mistakes so you can learn from them.
  • “know-it-all” pastors who will tell you what you should or must do in your situation. Every situation is unique. Our hope is you benefit from our experience as you follow Jesus in your area.
  • Theoretical idealists who haven’t actually effectively pastored real people over time.

Why strategic mentoring?

  • None of us know everything we need to pastor well. We need wise counsel especially when we are in territory new to us.
  • Strategic mentoring opens the doors of experienced wisdom to those who are willing to ask for it.
  • Strategic mentoring can help you avoid pitfalls and discover best practices that others have found.
  • Wise counsel can help take your next steps in your specific challenge with the insights & warning of those who have lived through similar challenges.
  • Though unique in the details there are common challenges faced by many pastors & churches.
  • Discover key insights, steps or practices to increase the chance of effectiveness.