Prepare for Mentoring

In order to preserve the integrity and security of information on this site we have established certain guidelines and procedures. We ask that you familiarize yourself with the functions and ethical guidelines. We ask that abuses of the ethical guidelines of this site be reported to the site manager. Our desire is that people are helped and not hurt as a result of this site. These questions are designed to help you maximize your strategic mentoring contact. Take time to reflect on some of these questions prior to making contact and you will be better prepared to receive the counsel you desire.

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  1. Register as a user and commit to the user agreement. Upon registration and confirmation of your email address, you will select/ a User name and password.
  1. Go to the “Find a Mentor” section and determine the area in which you would like help from a strategic mentor. 
  1. Select which strategic mentor/ mentors you would like and make first contact. Be sure to respect their preferred time and method. Consider using the mentee reflection questions to prepare your thoughts and questions before making the contact to help the strategic mentor best help you. Set up an appropriate time for the strategic mentoring conversation(s).
  1. Prayerfully determine your course of action in light of the insight you have gained. Remember ultimately you must determine what is God’s best for your situation. The strategic mentor is only one source of wise counsel.
  1. Share Feedback: fill out the brief post-session feedback form. This will help us evaluate and adjust the process as well as the effectiveness of the process & strategic mentors.

If the area you want help in is not listed, used the contact form to let us know what you are looking for. It is likely some current mentors have experience in that area but just haven’t listed it on the site. We may be able to find a contact for you to consider.